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is Afro-Caribbean inspired fashion in its very own style. The label was founded in 2006 by the German-Jamaican fashion designer Tabitha Minott. The name Tabatap is based on the Jamaican proverb "TAP A TAP" (Top of the tops) ... Tab (itha) - A - Tap = TABATAP. Tabatap stands for colorful Afrocentric and Afro-futuristic clothing based on and proud of the designer's origins. The designs are a fusion of African and Caribbean (especially Jamaica), Rasta, Reggae / Dancehall and street style elements. Spirituality, history and art also have a strong influence on fashion and the exploration of the power of the "Divine Feminine" #channelyourinnergoddess.

Tabatap was represented at numerous events, fashion shows, exhibitions, Africa festivals / markets, reggae festivals in the DE area. The creation of artist outfits for appearances and photo shoots and styling for a video shoot is also part of the report. Tabatap is an international, afro-diasporic brand with worldwide customers in Europe, USA, Jamaica, Asia around the world.

Tabatap's goal is to empower with fashion and art in an afrocentric way.

We thank you for all the support over the years !!



Tabitha is an artist, singer, designer, mother, yoga teacher and creator of Tabatap fashion. 

Grewing up in a creative household with artistic parents, which shaped her from an early age, as well as the Jamaican and Rastafarian culture with which she grew up.

The designer studied fashion design at the JAK Academy in Hamburg from 2002-2006. In the same year of her graduation, she became a mother for the first time (she is now a mother of four) and founded her label Tabatap.

Over the years she has presented her fashion at fashion shows in DE, enriched festivals with her fashion and participated in exhibitions and events and taught workshops for children. Among other things, she founded the Talawah store with other family members, which was operated in Hamburg, St. Pauli from 2006-2013.

Painting and illustration are also among the artist's forms of expression, and she associates some of the works with her fashion.

She is also deeply connected to music, influenced by her father, a Jamaican reggae musician, among others. She made studio recordings, had appearances (including at the Poetry Night of the BHM Hamburg) and new projects are being planned.

Another passion of the artist is Smai Tawi / Kemetic Yoga, so she completed her training as a Kemetic Yoga / Smai Tawi teacher (Basu) of the "Thef Sema Paut Neteru" system in October 2020. She is available for workshops and private lessons and is now looking forward to passing on Smai Tawi to people in addition to her creative fashion.

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