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Kemetic Yoga Experience

Smai Tawi


Tabitha "Het Heru" Minott

Smai Tawi Basu/teacher

Tabithas first experience with Yoga was in the early 2000s. Around 2012 she first heard about Kemetic Yoga/Smai Tawi and took her first class in 2013. From there her interest and practice grew. This original african yoga practice made her feel at home, in connection with the african ancestors.

In October 2020 Tabitha got certified as a Smai Tawi teacher/Basu into the System "Thef Sema Paut Neteru" by Neter Aunkh.

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What is Smai Tawi

Kemetic Yoga?

Smai Tawi is a more than 4000 year old ancient african system of yoga enlightenment. It is based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.

Tabitha teaches the Thef Sema Paut Neteru System, which was developed by Muata Ashby and Seba Dja Ashby. 

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Benefits of Smai Tawi

 -increases blood flow and digestion

-tension and toxin release

-pain relief

-assists in weight control

-strengthens the immune system

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Maat drawing Kopie.jpg
Maat drawing Kopie.jpg

The African Yoga Box

Bi-monthly subscription and single boxes

The African Yoga Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that offers you information on Smai Tawi / Kemetic Yoga / Egyptian Yoga. 

The African Yoga Box gives an insight into the broad field of Kemetic Yoga  with Yoga postures, handmade goodies sourced or made in Africa and more.  This box will give you a special experience, increasing your self-being so that you can focus on Ankh, Udja, Seneb ~ Life, Prosperity, Health!! 


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Online classes

Tuesdays 7pm cet and Thursdays at 9am cet

You can book online classes at our Online Smai Tawi studio


The classes are for beginners and advanced students. In the classes the focus is on breathwork and each session is closed with Kemetic chants.


For "one on one" sessions and workshop bookings please send an Email to

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