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Tabatap presents: Channel your inner Goddess
An evening in honor of the Divine Feminine

When: 25th of November 2023 from 6-10pm

Location: Jupiter, Mönckebergstraße 2-4, 4th floor @_jupiterkidss

This will be a special evening in honor of the Goddess. 

Come and soak in the vibes of the Divine Feminine. 


One of our highlights will be the

Sensual Dance Workshop with Naomi MT, come and channel your inner Goddess through dance!!!

Get the tickets here:


We will have Medicine Woman "Sakia Isis" speak on the spiritual works that she is offering and the significance of being a healer.

Furthermore there will be:


Tabatap fashion,


lovely smudging herbs from "The spirit of Sudan",

a Goddess altar,

and a beautiful photo wall to take pictures

and more...

The final highlight will be the Tabatap fashion show, that will feature outfits created in honor of the Divine Feminine. 

This event is free of charge,  you only need to get a ticket for the Sensual Dance Workshop, if you would like to participate! Of course this workshop is only for WOMEN!!!

This event wants to put more focus on the significance of the Divine Feminine/Goddess in an African/caribbean context and tradition. 

It is a possibility to connect with others and to dive into the beauty and power of the Divine Feminine and celebration of womanhood, which is so needed on this planet right now.

Looking forward to celebrate a beautiful evening with you!!

Love, peace and blessings!!!!

For more infos or interest in contributing to the event please write an email to

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